Gaming photography

Gaming Photography

Gaming Photography
Gaming photography, all images taken in PS5 by Cheryl Kahla.

Gaming photography – also known as in-game photography and virtual photography – consists of taking captivating snapshots of video game worlds.

Some gamers spend hours completing missions and side quests, others (such as yours truly) roam the game world in search of anything snap-worthy – from landscapes and seascapes to portraits and macros.

While the art form is not without criticism, virtual photographers share the same motivations as “real life” photographers – the desire to capture visually-interesting images, to preserve (in-game) memories, and to demonstrate our technical expertise.

The most important aspect of gaming photography, however, is simple, and it’s just this: Have fun.

The photographs in the selection were taken in CD Project Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 and Sucker Punch Production’s Ghost of Tsushima.