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Cheryl Kahla is a Nightingale Agent of Stealth and Guild Master in Tamriel, who writes and does creative things. In that order. This is her creative corner in the vast interwebs expanse.

Hi, I’m Cheryl Kahla!

I’m not really a Thieves Guild Master or a Nightingale, those were Skyrim references. (Or are they?)

I do write. Blogging, guest-blog articles, paid-for articles, reviews, you name it. Even fiction and poetry. Writing poetry saved my life. I studied Journalism at some point; I should look into that again.

Oh, blogs. I have way too many blogs, sites, and social media profiles than I care to mention. I will, at some point, add all the important ones in the footer section. Like I did with my No Harm No Waste blog. Link below. (Please be patient. I lost my previous site due to some shady hosting transactions. Restoring this site to its former glory is hard work.)

Passions and stuff

My passion is creativity. In all its forms. I paint, I write, I read, I design and create jewelry, I take photos, I also manipulate photos. But my art consists mainly of dark and depressing themes. It’s my therapy. Anybody can paint a butterfly or a flower. There is, however, something extraordinarily special about taking a painful moment and using it to create beauty.

I’m also passionate about Social, Environmental and Political Justice issues –  call me an SJW if that sinks your boat. I’ll proudly be a warrior for those who can’t. You know, if not you, who; if not now, when?

Hey! Speaking of, go have a look at my other blog specifically made for this; No Harm No Waste, and also this awesome network that I’m a part of – Zero Waste Bloggers Network.

Actually, you know what? I’m passionate about a lot of stuff. In the past,  I’ve always tried to maintain different blogs for all the various stuff I like and love. I have now reached the point of “screw that,” and decided to keep everything in one place. Going against the advice from probloggers, mind you.

Things I like

Just some of the stuff I like, but not limited to all the stuff I like:

  • Music – It moves my soul, I can’t go without it. I have a music tattoo.
  • Books, words, writing, reading. I’m sure I covered all of this before, somewhere. I have 2 text tattoos. And an Eeyore tattoo.
  • Tarantulas – I had more than 30 at some point. I do not have a tarantula tattoo. Yet.
  • Tattoos – I have a few. 14 I have 14. Getting there
  • Rain and Thunderstorms – It soothes me
  • Joburg – I simply love the vibe. Moving here changed my life.
  • Geocaching – Yeah what can I say. I use satellites to find hidden Tupperware containers.
  • Gadgets and Electronics – I used to write for My Digital Life & Walyou. Currently writing The South African’s tech section.
  • Gaming – Currently Skyrim, ESO, AC.
  • Stargate, Star Wars, Sci-Fi and Superheroes. I have a Stargate tattoo. I also have an Iron Man tattoo.

Me in a nut shell

So, basically, I’m a tattooed book-loving, music-loving, small-town-girl-turned-crazed-Joburger, who simply wants to leave the world in a better state I found it in.

Who’s with me?

Who are you?

How are you?

Tell me everything!