Hi! I am

Cheryl Kahla
Digital Creative

I have written for a number of international publications. I am passionate about gaming and technology, and write about consumer gadgets, SA film and television industry news, and travelling.

Johannesburg, South Africa

What I do:

    • I write
    • About everything. Tech, travel, lifestyle, you name it.
    • I create
    • Mostly digital art, but I'm prone to pick up a real brush every once in a while.
    • I explore
    • Have passport, will travel. I'd love to cover your tech event.

    I am a:

      • Content Writer
      • This is my day job. I write. A lot. About tech, gaming, travel, and lifestyle.
      • Entertainment Writer
      • We have a remarkable film and television industry in SA. I'm here for every second of it.
      • Gaming and Tech writer
      • I've been writing about techy things since 2010. I've been gaming since Famicon.
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