Hi! I am

Cheryl Kahla
Digital Creative

I have written for a number of international publications. I am passionate about gaming and technology, and write about consumer gadgets, the SA film and industry , and travelling.
  • What I do
  • In a nutshell
  • Professionally, a journalist, deputy news editor and troublemaker passionate about the future of digital publishing and storytelling, remote work, and figuring out this thing we call life.
  • Also an artist and gamer/gadget lover/reviewer. I've been writing about techy things since My Digital Life; I've been gaming since Famicon.
  • I write
  • Local and international news, politics, travel, lifestyle, mental health, entertainment, fiction, everything and anything.
  • Published travel author but my heart is in tech/game reporting with a focus on consumer tech and gadget reviews.
  • I create
  • I’m a self-taught digital dark artist and I dabble in analogue photography.
  • My artwork is personal, political and sometimes macabre. I take the chaos and darkness within us and I create stars bursting with life, I create constellations.
  • I explore
  • Have passport, will travel. Invite me to your tech event - I'm a portable professional and digital citizen
  • Passionate about remote work and living it up as a location independent 'digital nomad'. (I don't like the label, help me come up with something better, please and thank you.)
  • I've worked from rooftops, airports, deserts, and the Garni Temple. (Yep, the last remaining Pagan temple in Armenia has Wi-Fi).
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